Cold Inspiration


I received some inspiration on a long, very very cold run two weeks ago. The inspiration I received is basically this:

I’d like to share my info and knowledge of the photography business with students from around the world.

I’m creating this blog which will be a compilation of all of the info I have collected over the last year and a half of research. The information here will be geared primarily towards the advertising photography world, but the principals can be applied to all kinds of photography businesses.

So why is this information valuable? Because photography programs/schools do not teach the business side. There’s only ONE school in this country that actually teaches a full business program integrated with photography. By the time photo students graduate, most of them have no clue of what to do or where to go (the students who do have a clue typically drop out). Students who finish programs typically have no difinitive portfolio/vision and are basically lost on how to market, network and promote themselves.

This blog will help fill in the gaps of your education.

So tell me this:
How much do you know about the business of photography?


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