The Balancing Act-


Since this is the first post I thought I’d get started right away on a very important subject- balance.

Our lives can be hectic. We have so many things that are demanded of us on a daily basis and yes it can be stressful. How many directions are you being pulled? In most cases there’s work, school, social life, family life, sports, chores, homework, bills, exercise, personal time, church and many other obligations to attend to on a regular basis.

Before you start your business make a list of your priorities. If you’ve already started your business make a list now. Take some time to think about what’s important in your life and put those things down on paper. Refer to the list on a regular basis. When priorities change, rewrite the list. The key is, when you know what your priorities are you will be better prepared to balance them.

Now that you have a list split it up into parts of the day or week or even month. Focus on those priorities one by one and spend an appropriate amount of time depending on importance and urgency.

Balance is the key to your business, your success and most importantly your health. Have a life and enjoy it…work isn’t everything.

So tell me this:
What’s on your list of priorities?


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