Plan? What plan?


Planning isn’t as bad as it sounds.  Actually in the long run it will make things easier on you.  So go easy on yourself and start your business plan now!

Starting a business plan is like anything else.  You need to find the starting point.  After that things get rolling and before you know it your done.  So where do you start?

Here and here and here and here.

The SBA is an awesome resource that is completely free.  FREE FREE FREE!  The SBA provides SBDC offices which are typically located on or near most college campuses. They are funded by the federal government and backed by your local schools.  The SBA office near you can provide anything and everything you need to know to start your business.  And yes, they can help you write your business plan.  In fact not only will they help, they will proof read, mark up and have you rewrite it until they feel it is a worthy plan.

So you just finished your business plan. Pat yourself on the back and toss it under your bed, your finished.  Well, not exactly.  You took the time to write it so you may as well put it to use.  If you think a business loan would be appropriate for you then use it to receive funding through an SBA loan, bank loan or an angel investor.  If you don’t need funding, it’s still a valuable resource.  Pull it out and read it on a regular basis.  Update it as you reach goals and create new clients.  It’s a great steering wheel to use as you navigate the dirt roads, potholes, slick highways and of course the flat, freshly paved roads of business.

So tell me this:
Will your business plan help you steer clear of inevitable obstacles on the road of business?


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