I thought I was a boyscout


I had an experience last week.  It deals with not being prepared.
The bank I’m taking out a business loan through called me and asked for a few more documents so we could close the deal.  Since I try to take care of things as fast as possible, I made some photocopies and ran them over.

I thought it would be a quick drop off.  I was really wrong.

I walk in, smile, say hi.
We shake hands.

Me:  Hi jack, here are the requested documents.
Jack: Thanks I appreciate the quick response.  (nice)
Jack: Do you have a moment; I’d like to speak to you.
Me: (crap) um sure.

Sitting in his office
Jack: I have a few questions concerning your loan request.

Needless to say I was not prepared for the barrage of questions that were ensued upon me.  I did ok but it could have gone smoother.

So what happens if you screw up?  Here’s a great article on screwing up and the perception you leave with others. 

So tell me this:
Are you always prepared?


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