Do schools kill creativity?


Are you in school? Fresh out of school? Or perhaps you left school long ago. Either way I think you’ll find this TED talk by Sir Ken Robinson interesting.
Are we educating people out of their creative capacities? Take a few minutes and check out this TEDTalk.

If you haven’t heard of TED talks you should definately check them out. They also have a great blog that can be viewed here.

So tell me this:
Did school kill your creativity? 


One Response to “Do schools kill creativity?”

  1. Tammy Cravit Says:

    I’ve often said that the only truly useful thing I learned in college was how to use a library. Somewhat of a glib response, but it’s not far from the truth: If you really know how to use a library, you can teach yourself just about anything.

    I wouldn’t say that college killed my creativity, but it didn’t exactly do a lot to enhance it, either.

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