on being approachable


People buy people first. It’s normal to want to do business with your friends.
Friends are the type of people you enjoy being around, you feel comfortable with them and most importantly you trust them. Who wants to do business with people they don’t trust?

Oops sorry almost got off track; approachability. How approachable are you? Lets see…

  • Are you personal?
  • Do you tell personal stories that relate to the topic on hand?
  • Do you put your values before business and your profession?
  • Do you stand up straight?
  • Do you look people in the eye when you talk to them?
  • How firm is your handshake?
  • How often do you smile?
  • How easy is it to get a hold of you?
  • Do you return voice mail and emails within a reasonable amount of time? (ahem, within 24 hours, if not immediately)
  • How are your listening skills?
  • Do you always look for ways to help others?

Huge hint: Smiling is everything. A happy, confident person smiles as he goes about his day. Be confident, be happy and smile at everyone you come in contact with.

Bigger hint: Help others as often as you can. When you become known as someone who helps others you become known as someone who is approachable, compassionate and caring. Wouldn’t you like to do business with people who have these qualities?

Biggest hint: The best golfers are always at the course. Or links or driving range or practice green etc.

So tell me this:
How often are you at the course?


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