goals in life and business


Do you have goals?
Does your company have goals?

Most people have goals but the thing that separates the people with goals and the people who actually achieve their goals is this:

To achieve your goals you MUST put them down on paper. Write them out; get them all out of your head. Doing so does two things. First it helps de-clutter your head. Emptying out your thoughts helps relieve the pressure allowing for more thoughts to come to you. The second being once you have them down on paper they seem to be more real not to mention achievable! Remember this, your brain is a scary place to keep your thoughts to yourself.

Once you have them down on paper or computer you MUST look them over every day. What’s the point of having goals if you don’t refer to them daily? This step is vital to realizing your dreams.

Personally I carry all of my goals (business short and longterm as well as personal short and long term) on a piece of paper in my wallet. I refer to them constantly throughout the day to make sure I stay on track.

Don’t stop here, continually update and revise your goals. Schedule in dates to hit your goals, chip away at them little by little. Reward yourself as you hit them.

Hint: At the end of the week look over your accomplishments to help fuel the next week.

Big Hint: At the end of the month look over your accomplishments to help fuel the next month.

Biggest Hint: At the end of the year look over all that you accomplished. I am sure you will be astonished at all you were able to do over that year period. Reward yourself big time; you deserve it!

So tell me this:
Where’s your list of goals? And more importantly what do you do with them?


One Response to “goals in life and business”

  1. Tammy Cravit Says:

    I have my quarterly and yearly goals printed out on a piece of paper. Every day or two, I’ll sit down and decide the next physical, tangible action I can take on each quarterly goal to bring it closer to completion. Those go on my to-do lists or my calendar, as appropriate. I do the same thing with the yearly goals about once every other week.

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