being the whole package part 1


It’s my experience that if you want to succeed in any type of business you need to be the whole package.  The business of photography is no different.  I’m not saying that you can’t succeed if you don’t have or offer the whole package; what I am saying is that your chances of succeeding are far greater if you do sport the whole package.  And in today’s market you need every little edge you can get.

So what should be in your package?

Talent– There’s no question you’ve got to show that you are talented.  You know your gear, you know lighting and composition like the back of your hand.  There is no questioning your skill level.

– In my opinion this is the most important thing in your package.  Clients can feel it.  If you don’t have it they won’t want to work with you.  Most clients would rather work with someone who has a driving passion over someone who doesn’t even if the person without passion has more talent.  It’s true.  If you’re not passionate about your work, find work that you are passionate about.

Vision–  How well do you articulate your talent and passion through your images. It has to be there.  Find it.  If you need help find a good consultant.

So tell me this:
What needs to be in your package?


2 Responses to “being the whole package part 1”

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