zappos has done it right


ZapposJust thought I’d share this confirmation email I received from Zappos.
I’ve learned a few things from it:

  • Opening line-
    Doesn’t get much better than that.
  • Under deliver and over promise-
    They said I would receive the shoes on Tuesday June 26th. I didn’t, they arrived on my doorstep on Monday, a day earlier.
  • Following up-
    They will be sending me a tracking number (which they did).
  • Convenience-
    Free overnight shipping both ways, sweet!

There’s a lot more in there but I’ll let you pull out the rest.

If more businesses did this sort of thing (treating customers well, over delivering etc.) than this sort of thing wouldn’t be extraordinary. We can rely on the fact that most companies are too scared to try something new and different. Too scared to be exceptional.

So tell me this:
What exceptional things are you or will you be doing with your company?


One Response to “zappos has done it right”

  1. StupidJimmy Says:

    You are so right about Zappos’ formula. They’re an underrated company who could sure teach others a thing or two. I used them for personal shopping as well as gifts, and they have never let me down. So rare for a company to exceed expectations like that.

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