being the whole package part 2


If you missed the first part you can read it here.

Marketing skills– Another must. You shouldn’t rely on others for your marketing. (although you should consult with others for ideas) It is your business your vision. Know the market, know what others are doing and do something different! Hint: You can learn more about marketing by reading books for free at Borders or Barnes & Noble. Take notes read as much as possible. Explore all ideas, because you never know when your stupid idea will have a big impact on your business.

Brand– Do you have an easily identifiable brand that compliments your work? Does your brand speak from the images? Your website, printed portfolio, business cards, letterhead etc should all work together to promote your vision. Are all of your touch points working together? If not, hire a professional designer. Talk to many, find the one with the right fit for you and your goals. They are not cheap. But well worth it as a long-term investment.

Sales– You have to sell your work. EVEN IF YOU HAVE A REP! Here’s the kicker:
The majority of photographers couldn’t sell a toothpick to a trucker in a roadside diner. Here’s your chance to really really stand out.

Approachability– People need to be comfortable talking to you, calling you up on the phone or sending an email. You need to be friendly, smile and be polite. Talk about them not about you. When they want to know about you they will ask. Have you ever met someone who is extremely approachable? How did you feel talking with them. Practice it, copy it, be it. You will be happier and handsomely rewarded.

So tell me this:
When are you going to start working on improving your whole package? (you can always improve)


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