are you smart?


I was in line yesterday evening at my local city library.  My wife had wanted me to pick up some holds that she had.  Standing in line while I was bored out of my mind I noticed someone near the front of the line was wearing a t-shirt that said, “smart people work with smart people.”  Wow!  It is so true.  I say don’t stop with smart people.  Here’s why:

You become who you hang out with.  If you want to be smart, hang out with smart people.  If you want to be more creative, hang out with creative people.  If you want to be a faster runner—–well, hang out with faster runners.  If you want to be successful spend some time every week talking with successful people.

I don’t always hang out with photographers.  In fact you should diversify  and hang out with people not in your career field.  For example, I have a friend who is a biochemist.  He is pure genius.  When we get together we talk about anything an everything.  Ideas, philosophies, family, marriage, creativity, science, business—etc.  We learn from each other, create new ideas and most importantly enjoy each others company in a positive setting.  It’s great fun and I always walk away with new ideas and insights.  ALWAYS.

Tip:  Do not, at all costs hang out with people who want to bring you down.  These type of people are out there, avoid them like the plague.  No matter what you say or what you do they will find negativity.  The main reason they want to rain on your parade?  Because they don’t have a parade of their own!

So tell me this:
Who do you hang out with?


2 Responses to “are you smart?”

  1. Renee Says:

    Amen, brother! I found, after being able to get more and more creative people on my team at work, that I’ve become consistently more creative. And better at it, too.

  2. chloe Says:

    I happened upon your blog through your wife’s, whose I found through someone else…and so on.

    I loved this post. It is so true. Once I decided I wanted to start running and training for a marathon, I found other runners and began to build those relationships. My good friends right now are graphic designers (well, 3 of 5) and I am amazed at how my eye has improved. I love it!

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