essential creativity in business


I often get asked, “with all you’re doing with the startup of your company how do you keep yourself creating new work.”

It’s true. I am head deep in the business aspect of my company every day. So deep, sometimes I feel like it’s going to cave in on me.
Here’s how I do it:

  • Creating campaigns and putting together shoots is my passion. It’s what I love to do. For me there is no other choice.
  • I write every morning for 30 minutes. About anything. Stories from the day before, dreams that night, things I need to do. It doesn’t matter I just write.
  • Every morning I cruise the internet looking at new ad campaigns, certain photographers new work updates and of course a list of blogs.
  • Every morning I read something on creativity. Readings include: Lateral Thinking, Thinkertoys and The Artists Way. I also listen to the Accidental Creative Podcast. They have a great site here.

These things help me continually think about new concepts throughout the day. As ideas come I write them down or record a voice memo.

Creating for me is desert. I eat dinner because I have to, because I know I should but my main goal is to eat my desert and enjoy it. Because of that I’m always looking forward to creating new ideas and concepts.

By implementing creativity into all aspects of my company the day-to-day business stuff that bores most creative people to death, becomes fun. By keeping the business aspect of my company creative I am able to get through it. Not only do I get through it; I excel at it.

So tell me this:
What can you do to implement creativity into your company?


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