happy successful people


So it’s been a while.  The last month has been a bit crazy.  I had to make a big last month push on a ten-month project.  I don’t recommend 60 hour weeks.

I’ve had the opportunity to talk with a lot of successful professionals over the last year.  I’ve taken it upon myself to educate myself on why and how people become successful.  Here’s my take on it-

There are happy successful people and unhappy successful people.
Happy successful people do the following in no particular order.

Happy successful people:

  • Follow their passion in life
  • Become a student of their industry, always looking for better ways
  • Help people by donating their time, money and resources
  • Respect themselves
  • Respect their family
  • Live a well rounded life
  • Spend time with happy successful people

For the unhappy successful list just reverse the above.

My advice; make a decision on what type of successful person you will be before you become successful.  It’s always easier to make the proper decision when you come to a fork in the road if it has already been planned out and decided on before you get there.

So tell me this:
What type of people do associate with?

Oh yea, I’ll get to the cheer leading topic later-


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