learning from past jobs


For me the things I am able to do every day have a lot to do with my past experiences. Especially the jobs I have had. I know that something can always be learned in every circumstance, you just have to look for it. Sometimes you have to look really really hard!

I’ve made a list below of every job I have held in my 29 years and something I learned from them:

They are in order starting at age 14-

1. Local newspaper- Classic, sucked. I learned how to throw really well.

2. Golf Course- Best ever! Free golf and as much food as I wanted every day. I was growing and always starving. I learned how to golf really really well.

3. Pizza maker- Walked out on a busy Friday night. I learned that being abused by the boss is not ok.

4. Walmart- I learned how to organize a lot of shelves.

5. Veterinarian assistant- I learned how to stitch up animals after a spayed, neutering or ear cropping. Also learned how to put dead animals in the freezer

6. Sawmill- Lasted 3 days. I learned I don’t like the smell of exhaust from forklifts. I also learned how to pick sawdust out of my ears, nose and other areas at the end of the day.

7. Pharmaceutical wherehouse- learned how to work by myself without going crazy.

8. Computer assembly- Quit when they told us we couldn’t have music playing anymore. I learned how to speak some Spanish.

9. Carpet cleaner- Started a small carpet cleaning company. I learned how to surprise people by giving awesome customer service.

10. Pizza delivery- I learned how to find crazy addresses in the dark.

11. Alta ski area- Now we’re talking. Free skiing all winter. I learned how to carve some crazy lines in fresh deep powder.

12. Banker- I learned how to count a whole lot of money.

13. Operator for an insurance company- I learned how old people were getting screwed over by insurance salesmen.

14. Landscaper-  I learned that digging 200 holes for fence posts in a single day is a whole lot of work.

15. Waiter at a BBQ place- I learned how to work fast under pressure.

16. Substitute teacher- Taught 1st-12 grades.  I learned that teachers are way under appreciated.

17. Waiter at the Olive Garden- Again fast and under pressure. Also learned how to work it for phone numbers and tips.

18. Waiter at Macaroni Grill- I learned what not to do as a boss.

19. Waiter at Carrabas. I learned I really hated Italian by then.

20. Shoe salesman- I learned that some people really don’t take care of their feet.

21. Waited tables in Alaska- I learned that tourists are really annoying. Especially just off a cruise ship.

22. Assistant marketer in a university athletic department- I learned how to offer help and value before asking for anything in return.

23. Back to Alaska waiting tables at Sullivan’s Steakhouse. I learned all about wine and how to sell it (We had over 1200 different bottles).

24. Assistant cross country and track coach- I learned how to take orders from a head coach who had never ran a day in his life. It was really difficult.

25. Professional photographer- Quite a jump there. I’ve learned that nothing is more important than pursuing your passion in life. Whatever that may be.

That is a lot of jobs.

So tell me this:
What have you learned from all of the jobs that you have ever had?


One Response to “learning from past jobs”

  1. alnor Says:

    What a very hardworking person you are! Though we know that most of us thought many things to the past. Considering about the work, like you, things really easy to learn if you like to do it by yourself or you are enjoying it. Like you, I also employed to a restaurant as a waitress. Serving lots of customers on the restaurant is not easy because if you missed or exchange their orders they will bully you, as what happen to me. I realize that if I will continue to do my job, I will not become rich, because the salary is not big, and I cannot help my sisters and family. And the most important, I felt that my dignity is lost.

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