passion… pursue it


Can you imagine how different the world would be if everyone pursued their passion in life?

Would your experiences from day to day change?

Would the cashier at your local grocery store give you attitude? What about your auto repairman, would he be running an honest company based on integrity and morals? And what about your accountant, are they doing it for the money or because they love working with numbers?

My personal favorite, what about teachers and college professors; imagine how different our education system would be if everyone who worked in it loved it and really wanted to help others learn (there are many many who do and what a great experience it is to learn from them).

When you run across people who really love what they do it’s extremely evident. They have enthusiasm and they’re full of life, they offer valuable opinions and help steer you down the right path. There’s a whole lot to be learned from people who pursue their passion in life.

Are you pursuing yours?

These people are, you should really read their stories; there are hundreds of them-


2 Responses to “passion… pursue it”

  1. I primarily work in the software development industry and I focus on open source (OSS). Most of OSS development is performed by volunteers who work at night on projects they love and enjoy. It’s a great environment in which to work because the developers are full of life and passion. There is a lot of enjoyment that is derived from seeing your project succeed in the open source marketplace.

    I’ve also been pursuing photography as a hobby and possibly as a second career. I’ve focused on sports photography and have found a lot of misery and resentment in the field. It’s prevalent amongst photographers, writers, and media relations personnel at almost every venue I attend. Although I’m thrilled to walk through the door with a credential in hand I always encounter someone (or several people) who would prefer to not be there. Often times there’s an arrogance about their situation as well: I’m too important to be covering this event.

    It’s ironic to me that something as artistic as photography is home to so many miserable people.

    Your post is well taken.

  2. Nicole Says:

    I completely agree with your point.

    Only, I often wonder who are these people who are passionate about bagging groceries?

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