random thoughts on success


eleven somewhat random (but good) thoughts on success
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Why am I sharing these thoughts? Because I enjoy helping others be successful in their pursuit of the things they love.

I’ve started a discussion page for the book, it’s located over on the right column under pages, or use the direct link here.  Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences.

So tell me this:
What are your random thoughts on success?


6 Responses to “random thoughts on success”

  1. That was great! Good job Ed

  2. Beau Says:

    Thank you very much Ed. You have provide some nice energy to my day. I guess the next step is to really figure out how to make it happen. # 1 is very hard when looking at a mortgage and bills. I am trying to start off small and do things in my own time at my own pace. Thank you.

  3. Thanks for the inspiration. Words to live by.

  4. Tund Says:

    Short but very to the point… something to look at every so often to up your energy levels.

  5. sara Says:

    Awesome. Thanks!

  6. Dave Says:

    Along the lines of what you said about working hard: Persistence prevails when all else fails — never giving up in pursuit of your dream.

    Thanks for sharing.

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