connecting and making connections


Connections are important, they’re vital; actually on the list of importance they are second only to your product. We work in an industry where connections are made every day. It’s typical that the “better” your connections the better chance you have of succeeding.

Ok, so how the crap do I make good connections? Where do I start?

Start with the people you know; colleagues, current and past clients etc.
It’s really a step process:

  • Connections you have now
  • Connections you need to have
  • And connections you’d like to have in the future

The best and most powerful way to make a connection is to connect through others. Get to know your connections connections. It’s kind of like dating; you have a friend, she has a friend or friends that you’d like to be introduced to so you ask your friend to set up an evening out as a group and before you know it you have a new girl friend. Did you follow that? Not sure if it makes any sense so take it for face value.

Anyway make a plan, stick to the plan and enjoy the ride. Or if the connection is a good one, enjoy their ride.

For more info check out Larry Benet’s blog. He is the king of connectivity, his specialty lies in helping people connect with famous and influential people.


One Response to “connecting and making connections”

  1. For more on this topic, see Baber & Waymon’s book, Great Connections.

    I’m also a big believer in randomness. As in, making connections with people outside of the usual business networking and professional organization circuit.

    One of my key connecting strategies is to go to some interesting event with my camera, and just start shooting. (Some photo-marketing gurus refer to this as “doing a self-assignment.”)

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