on breaking rules


As a society we are taught not to break rules and to follow the rules already laid out for us.

The other day my wife was in our local public library checking out 15 of the same book for her book club. While she was scanning the books on the new computerized system (they don’t want their employees to be bothered anymore) a boy about 9 years old asked her why she was checking out so many of the same book. She told him about the book club and how it was her turn to check them all out and pass them out to the members of the club. His next concern was “well if they lose them you’ll have to pay for them.” He went on to say that it was dumb and the book club members should have to come in and check them out themselves.

My point in sharing this story is this; kids are always questioning why things are done, aren’t they? They’re curious, they want to know why things work the way they do. This boy had a better idea on how book club books should be dispersed. Was he right or wrong? It doesn’t matter; the fact that he questioned and then tried to come up with something better is wonderful.

I think we should on a regular basis (just like kids) challenge the validity of rules. Rules in business to be particular. I’m not suggesting an anarchist society. Please don’t break rules if others will be negatively affected. What I am suggesting is to find out if the rule in question is set in stone, if it’s not, chances are there’s a better way.

Think big, breaking rules will increase your boldness, confidence and will help develop your creativity. There’s a lot to be learned from children.


2 Responses to “on breaking rules”

  1. Tund Says:

    I think you can read this rules post, as applying to business practices… just because the industry often reacts or acts in a certain way, doesn’t mean you have to.

    Be original, find a better way to run your business and interact with your clients.

  2. messiah Says:

    reminds me of a bad joke i heard the other day….

    why did the accountant cross the road?
    because the file said that’s what they did last year.

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