on negative news


I try and stay as far away from negative stuff as possible. Do I always succeed, nope. I used to be a huge fan of the news, loved it. I’d watch it every evening and sometimes in the morning when I was getting ready for the day. Last summer I was reading a book by Gitomer, can’t remember which one though (they are all really really good). Anyway he said something like, stay away from negative news, don’t read the newspaper and don’t watch the news on t.v. So I gave it a try.

Wow! What a difference. Within a week or so my attitude seemed to take a more positive turn. I learned that all I needed to know about the news I could read in just a few minutes on the home page of CNN, Yahoo or my local newspaper. It seems that “news watchers” can easily get sucked into all of the negativity. How many positive stories are in the news on a daily basis? Not many I’m guessing.

If you really just can’t get away from reading or watching the news try the Happy News. It’s pretty cool actually. It’s all positive good news, nothing negative.

And don’t forget to stay far away from negative photographers as well. They suck. They’ll try and pull you down. They’re of the old school way of thought even if they’re young. Negativity breeds negativity.


5 Responses to “on negative news”

  1. Tim Broyer Says:

    I stopped watching the news after 9/11. I’m not ignorant of what’s happening but I don’t need a dosage a day. In fact, I read National Geographic cover to cover every month and it actually fills my news void quite nicely.

  2. Your post brings up a great question though.

    There are plenty of photogs out there that are using their skills in the news industry and are operating on the drive of using still images to report on what’s wrong in the world, deliver the content visually and hope their still images change what’s wrong into what’s right.

    I’d be interested in hearing from the photojournalists on this matter.

    Is turning your back on news defeating what these talented visual storytellers are trying to accomplish in their careers?

    Just asking.

    Although I do agree with the message you are conveying, it did have a sense of irony in it.

  3. Ed McCulloch Says:


    That’s a really good point. Something to think about-

  4. I can’t help but agree with you. I’m yet to meet negative photographers but thanks for the warning. But you have spotted a very valid trend in the media and there are millions out there like you who shun the negative news.

    Indian media, especially, would completely agree with you. They realised long back that negative news do not give them any readership and viewership (indian english)or advertising revenue. They compete with popular entertainment channels for revenue here.

    To further emphasise your observation, I want to share the story of a magazine that does print negative news called Tehelka. They are not doing that well. Because, “Psychologically, Indians are on such a high with the economy booming,” Dharker, the media critic, said. They are in no mood to hear bad news. And that’s what Tehelka offers.”

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