a delicate balance- Brandon Knowlden


Today’s guest post comes from Brandon Knowlden. He is an AD for Struck Creative in SLC. I first met up with him last October while schlepping my portfolio around. His personal website can be found here. He’s a great guy and will be enlightening us on some cool topics over the next few months.

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I’d be surprised if any of you knew anything about me, but that’s fine. My name is Brandon and I work in advertising. A creative sellout of sorts, but not really. Growing up I was really all things artistic and it’s really all I’ve ever wanted to do. So I took the typical route of most artists looking to make a living, I went to art school. It was a pretty good time, but once I graduated I faced I really strange thing – I now do for a living what I had always done for an escape, and it started to suck.

Now that my release was my reality, I needed to find some other stuff to catch my attention. For some reason, completely unbeknownst to me, most people in advertising act like they save lives. Trust me, we don’t. So with boredom on the brain and an attempt at humility in my back pocket I started to have a lot of fun.

I started volunteering for Big Brothers Big Sisters, took up skiing again, I skydive and mountain bike now too. I make time for friends, drink warm tea and I’ve gotten to know my family for who they are. I lead a very rich life for two reasons, and they are two reason that I would recommend-

1) I do what I love for a living [Passion]

2) I pursue things that make me happy


One Response to “a delicate balance- Brandon Knowlden”

  1. Trina Knudsen Says:

    Thanks for the post, Ed. It’ll be nice to read guest posts from a local (SLC, 🙂 ).

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