conversation with Chase Jarvis


About a year ago I chatted with Chase Jarvis about his thoughts on being successful in photography. I recently stumbled upon the notes I had taken and wanted to pass them on to you. Chase is a great guy, he’s dedicated not only to his art but also in helping as many people as possible pursue their passion. He’s also a wonderful advocate in copyright protection and understands the importance of collaboration and treating his team well.

-February 2007- Notes form Chase’s phone call-

  • Act like a professional and people will treat you like one
  • Overcome the psychological barrier of being a professional photographer, the first step is acknowledging that you are one.
  • Be enthusiastic about your art
  • Passion and enthusiasm breeds passion and enthusiasm
  • It’s all about your attitude, your drive and your passion
  • Dedication is key
  • It’s about being smart
  • It’s about working hard
  • Innovate, do things differently
  • Read Seth Godin’s books
  • Get away from thinking small, think BIG
  • Get rid of bad habits that may stop you from succeeding
  • Go straight to building a house, don’t start with a garage
  • Stay in tune to what’s happening in the world of photography
  • Stay up to date on current technology
  • Stay away from negative things and people
  • Do what you say your going to do; appointments, email, phone calls
  • Always under promise and over deliver

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