the turkey sandwich that changed my life


This turkey sandwich was no ordinary sandwich; it changed my life.

A couple of years ago my wife and kids were visiting some family friends for Thanksgiving. The day after Thanksgiving my friend Mark offered to make me a sandwich with the left over turkey. We carried our conversation over into the kitchen. As we were talking, this is what I noticed:

He pulled out the homemade bread and started slicing it (I think he even measured the thickness).
He spread the mayonnaise very carefully, making sure it was even (I hate mustard and pickles).

By this point he was a few minutes into the process. I’m sure he could see it in my eyes, “come on already hurry up, give me the freakin sandwich.”

He sliced the turkey. Again making sure the pieces were nice and even.
Next was the lettuce; washed and cut to the size of the bread.
Then came the tomato, again, washed and cut with precision.

Me thinking but not saying, “Holy crap it’s been ten minutes the bread is going to be stale.”

He reached for the cheese and treated it like only a delicacy should be treated.

Finally he was done.

As I reached out to grab the plate he all but hit my hand with the knife he had used to slice the cheese with.

He then cut the sandwich in half diagonally and poked those wooden toothpick type things through it before handing it over.

At the time I admit I was amused. I thought to myself, why did he put so much time and effort into a sandwich. So I asked. His words were, “If something is worth doing, then it’s worth doing right.”

Wow. It’s so true. It applies to everything we do in life. Can you imagine how much would be accomplished if we applied that philosophy to our own lives both personal and business? Can you imagine the quality those accomplishments would be?

Take the time to do things the right way. Plan appropriately, do your research and most importantly, learn from others.


6 Responses to “the turkey sandwich that changed my life”

  1. jed Says:

    holy crap ED all i can say is I’m hungry…. seriously though i find it interesting how small things like that can stick. now If i could only get them to stick with me…..

  2. Tund Says:

    another great anecdote that has such a profound meaning.

  3. Can never say this enough, “If something is worth doing, then it’s worth doing right.”

  4. ShaolinTiger Says:

    100% agree with him, if you’re going to do it, do it properly.

    People always chide me for being anal, or being a perfectionist…but well I wish everyone would be overbearingly fussy about quality and take pride in what they do.

    The world would indeed be a better place.

  5. Bryan Niven Says:

    Mark is right on! Not only do I treat my sandwiches with that kind of care,(which drives my wife crazy), it is how I treat each new project. If I don’t feel “just right” about something, I will wait until I do, and that is what brings people back every time. The love you have for your trade WILL show in your work… people will notice, just as you noticed Mark’s care in preparation Ed.

  6. This post makes me hungry.

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