some characterisitcs of a professional


So, I made another list. I really like lists. They allow me to empty my thoughts quickly.

The other day while painting my first water color landscape (It only slightly resembles a landscape) I started thinking about what it means to be a professional, which got me thinking about the attributes a professional person should be working towards.

They: (professionals)

  • Always follow through on promises
  • engage others with stories
  • take advantage of opportunities
  • continually make friends
  • base their decisions based on their own value system
  • are dedicated
  • live a well balanced life
  • know where their priorities lie
  • are healthy
  • read
  • smile
  • look you in the eye when you shake their hand
  • are happy
  • are passionate about what they do
  • obey the law
  • look for opportunities to help others
  • provide value to their clients
  • ask questions
  • are good listeners
  • are well respected
  • inspire and motivate others
  • are leaders
  • are problem solvers
  • utilize techniques to reduce stress
  • provide value to their industry
  • are the solution to the problem

4 Responses to “some characterisitcs of a professional”

  1. Scott Says:

    One other thought I might add is that they strive for excellence in all things.

  2. kazir Says:

    man, that sounds exactly like a pro
    it inspires me as well because i want to become a pro gamer, for this new game coming out, and i want to use the popularity of it to my benefit, but im still brainstorming, keep posting good articles

    pce an luv

  3. thesmallbizscout Says:

    That was a very long and inspiring list. I would add personally: Professionals take risks. In the end, professionals who we can look up to and trust are those who worked when the odds were against them. But I really enjoyed reading that list because it really drove home the aspects that not only make a good professional but also perhpas make a good person in general.

  4. ShaolinTiger Says:

    With the eye contact and handshake, I’d also say they don’t shake hands like a limp fish.

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