on pursuing your own unique vision


Pursuing your own unique vision and style is hard. It’s really hard. It’s hard for these reasons:

You have to look deep within yourself
You have to figure out who you are, what you believe
You have to humble yourself
You have to figure out what you love about life
You have to work really really hard

It is so much easier to sit back and do what others are doing. To follow instead of lead.
It is essential to study photographers of the past and present. It’s integral that you know what’s been done and what is currently being done. But that should be the extent of it.

Todd Henry over at accidental creative says:
“Cover bands don’t change the world, you have to find your own unique voice.”

You should develop your own unique vision and style if you plan on surviving over the next 20 years. You should always be learning and your work will and should evolve over time. Developing a unique style is not an option any more, if you want to thrive it’s a must. I don’t care if you shoot weddings, editorial, fashion, advertising, documentary or fine art; it’s a must.


3 Responses to “on pursuing your own unique vision”

  1. Gates Says:

    Here here! Cause at the end of the day its YOU that people want to connect with. Dont make it more difficult than it has to be for them.

  2. Brady Firth Says:

    Evolutionary theory holds that an organism either a) adapts to a particular environmental niche, b) is able to thrive because it lands in a new environment which it happens to be well adapted to, or c) dies. It follows that a) if you’re trying to exist in the same place as others, you’ve got to eat from different branches or b) create an environment to which you are already well adapted by drawing the right crowd to you (or get lucky by landing in the right spot at the right time). If you’re really good, you’ll do all of the above (except for the dying part).

  3. Ed McCulloch Says:

    Brady- Love it!

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