new blog design


In an effort to be consistent with my branding I’ve decided to redesign this blog. Thanks to Jess for the work she did on it. And no this does not mean that ads will soon appear. This is an ad free blog. I just wanted a little more consistency between this blog and my portfolio site.

I’m also announcing the launch of my new photo journal blog.  It’s a place for posting random shots of my travels; found people, places and objects. Kind of a get to know ED photo journal type thing.


2 Responses to “new blog design”

  1. Vinh Le Says:

    I like your portfolio site, I think the colors work great there because it is light and lets your work pop out more. May I suggest adding some more contrast to your blog though, it is a little hard on the eyes because of the light yellow text on white background. Otherwise, good work.

  2. Jim Lafferty Says:

    The color pair makes me want to eat hotdogs… it’s all ketchup and mustard 🙂

    I check in with your blog once weekly to catch up. Thanks for all the info you share.

    Can’t wait to have the time to revamp my own site, and add a blog once I figure out what to write.

    Take care!

    – jim

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