tiger woods -traits and opportunities-


I’ve been a fan of Tiger Woods since he was 16. I grew up in Southern Cal and had the opportunity of following his jr golf career. Even though we were young I sensed there was something different about him. It turns out I was right.


  • Is dedicated
  • Trains hard
  • Loves competition
  • Loves his competition
  • Practices long hours
  • Respects his industry
  • Takes time away from work
  • Is smart
  • Is a role model
  • Is humble
  • Sets goals
  • Lives by a set of values
  • Under promises and over delivers
  • Respects others
  • Is patient
  • Has a fan club
  • Is charitable
  • Is always working on improvement
  • Knows he can play better
  • Provides value to his industry
  • Smiles
  • Is confident

So far this year he has been unbeatable. His putting has been phenomenal. I was watching the Accenture match play last weekend. After his round on Saturday he was interviewed; the commentator asked,

Is it focus or concentration, what allows you to make such big opportunity putts?

“It’s fun to have the opportunity. Whether you succeed or fail it’s nice to get the chance.”

Is work fun for us? Are we humble enough to see it as an “opportunity”? Do we look for opportunities in all that we do? Do we take advantage of the opportunities that are in front of us on a daily basis?

Tiger leads by example and always leaves us something to think about-


2 Responses to “tiger woods -traits and opportunities-”

  1. Brett Says:

    I really like this post, I agree with you 100% Tiger does in fact lead by example, and I think that we can all learn quite a bit from him. Interestingly enough, I have a post on my photoblog site about Tiger. Check it out Tiger Woods and Digital Photography

  2. Riley Cronin Says:

    This is horse shit.

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