chase jarvis on chris anderson’s free


Just wanted to give you the heads up on Chris Anderson’s Free. You can read Chase’s thoughts here.

In addition to Chase’s comments:
If your work, brand and company are unique and different then there will be only one person in the world to go to, to find work like yours. You! And I promise, that won’t be free.


One Response to “chase jarvis on chris anderson’s free”

  1. […] Chase Jarvis argues on his blog that stock is, in effect, dead as a viable income source for photographers, whilst over at Photo Business News, the author argues that this approach is a race to the bottom. I think that Chase Jarvis is, in fact, correct (not surprising as his argument is similar to one that I’ve put forward here), and the Photo Business News guy is completely missing the point, as The Business of Photography (obliquely) pointed out. […]

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