marketing and portfolio visits


I highly recommend “meetings and portfolios, fantastic forgotten tools” in the March/April Picture Magazine even though half of it is a Q & A with me.  It’s a really good read, check it out.

One of my favorites:

Would you recommend to other emerging photographers to follow in your footsteps- to go after meetings in other cities right out of the chute?

A- If you’ve spent the time to plan everything out, have a solid portfolio book, a website and your work is great then absolutely.  To me first impressions are everything.  You wouldn’t show up for a first date poorly dressed with fast-food wrappers scattered throughout your car would you?  It’s the same thing with the agencies; don’t show up until you’re prepared and confident in what you’re doing.


3 Responses to “marketing and portfolio visits”

  1. Brady Firth Says:

    that’s great news. is there a link?

  2. capitolady Says:

    Just stopped by and thought I would drop a line. I am a nature photographer. I’d love the link too!

  3. Ed McCulloch Says:

    No link- You just have to go a bookstore and buy it or sit down and read it 🙂

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