self promotion do’s and don’ts


Self promotion is an invaluable tool for photographers.  It’s not something you can blow off, it’s a must.  It has to be a major part of your marketing campaign.  In addition to self promoting consistently you need to make sure that all of your touch points coincide with your look your feel your brand.  You must use dynamic eye catching images.  Creatives are busy, they don’t have time to spend analyzing photographers so you have to force them to stop and take a second to look at your work.

I’m going to point you over to Heather Morton’s blog for a deeper look into promoting your work to AB’s.

By the way, if your not reading Heather’s blog you need to be.  She’s a cool AB who’s interested in helping photographers learn about the relationship between them and their buyers.


11 Responses to “self promotion do’s and don’ts”

  1. […] came across a really good (albeit brief) post on The Business of Photography blog which talked about the importance of “promoting yourself”. It got me thinking […]

  2. OG Says:

    Great info. Why? Because it’s so true.

  3. […] Heather Morton, Ask an Art Buyer, on self promotion (via The Business of Photography) […]

  4. David Skyler Says:

    Great Article Ed. I am loving your site, you and Melissa Rodwell are the only 2 people that I know who talk about photography promotion :

    This article is also great:

  5. Dominick Says:

    Hello all, i feel my book will also help you create your own photography business in an easy and successful manner. Does this fit the subject of self promotion? lol..

  6. Maddison Says:

    Great blog! I too was once a photographer, however I quit because the digital age and become a marketing consultant. Much Success To You!

  7. cieaura Says:

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  8. Peter Says:

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  9. Tony Cowham Says:

    great post! very straightforward…self promotion is very important especially if you have amazing work.

  10. CaraUSB Says:

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