yeah I’m still here


I’ve been busy…..but here is a must see video series with Selina Maitreya. If you need help defining your vision and applying it to your portfolio and website you need to view these videos over and over again. Selina is a tremendous talent and graciously agreed to the video series. Don’t let them go to waste.


4 Responses to “yeah I’m still here”

  1. jedediah Says:

    hey i think the link is the wrong one… unless she is a really shady male teaching us to load a mamiya.

  2. Irene Says:

    Right website, wrong page.

    Hover over the item”Videos & Tutorials,” in the gray navigation bar, near the top of the site. The pop down menu will offer “Interviews.”

  3. Mike Wood Says:

    excellent series of interviews – even if there were bursts of static in the audio now n then that made me jump (might have been my side not sure). You have a great blog with lots of useful posts. Hope you get a chance to get back to it.



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