My name is Ed McCulloch. I started this blog out of frustration. Frustration with the lack of business skills taught in photography programs. My hope is that it will be a valuable asset and tool for you.

This blog will be a compilation of all of the info I have collected over the last year and a half of research. The information here will be geared primarily towards the advertising photography world, but the principals can be applied to all kinds of photography businesses.

So why is this information valuable? Because photography programs/schools do not teach the business side. There’s only ONE school in this country that actually teaches a full business program integrated with photography. By the time photo students graduate, most of them have no clue of what to do or where to go (the students who do have a clue typically drop out). Students who finish programs typically have no definitive portfolio/vision and are basically lost on how to market, network and promote themselves.

This blog will help fill in the gaps of your education.

So tell me this:
How much do you know about the business of photography?

Feel free to shoot me an email:

ed at edshoots dot com


8 Responses to “Who am I? Contact me”

  1. Tommy Wu Says:

    Hi Ed,

    Found your post at ASMP Yahoogroup. Thank you so much for your generosity and I will make good use of this web info. Although I didn’t graduate from photography school, mostly self learned and a few classes from community college, I am now a full time photographer and doing fine but want to do better in term of financial aspect. Like you, I read books, workshops if I could afford, and internet to learn all that I can about business in photography in addition to other photographers’ work for inspiration.

    Cant’ say how much I appreciate your site and your dedication in helping ohters like myself.

    Tommy Wu.

  2. EM Says:

    Thanks Tommy! Best of luck to you and your future.

    -Ed McCulloch

  3. Ishita Gupta Says:

    Hi there,

    I wanted to let you know how much I have learned from reading your website and how appreciative I am to have found someone who is open to sharing business info. that is so necessary in today’s art world. I have just finished my first year in photo school and our business class doesn’t even compare to your posts about what we really need to be learning. It is great to see the values and goals that you share about business that really needs to be taught in every art/photo school. Additionally, i like the fact that you convey a positive, encouraging attitude instead of the “starving artist” mentality alot of artists insist on having…thanks again…ishita

  4. Blake Newman Says:


    GREAT blog! I have a very close friend who is a doctor but when she went to startup her business, she realized that they didn’t teach business in medical school, they only taught medicine. She only wanted to be a doctor, she didn’t realize that she had to also know about marketing, customer service, finances, accounting, cash flow, strategic planning. So, I guess that photographers are, in a way, like physicians. They went to school to become photographers, not entrepreneurs.

    Keep up the great work.

    Blake Newman

  5. Susan Moore Says:

    Hey Ed!

    Do you remember me? You are my inspiration. I love looking at my wedding photos and always wish that I could continue in my own career as a photographer. I was going to major in photography at BYU, but decided not to. That’s a long story. The one thing that I always wanted to do was be a photographer, but now being a stay at home mom I don’t even know where to start. It’s funny because I just happened to come across you on the internet. How are you doing?


  6. Ed McCulloch Says:

    Hey Susan! Shoot me an email-

  7. PoutMouth Says:

    This is an excellent blog and just the kind of information I need as I navigate through the business. Your pictures on your EdShoots site are beautiful and your posts here are very thoughtful and helpful. Keep it up and thank you.

  8. Ed –

    Thanks for blogging on the “business of” photography.

    You are absolutely correct in knowing that the schools are not teaching this side of the business.

    Not every photo student will end up as a career staffer for a MSM mega-corp newspaper with salary and benefits.

    Some, believe it or not, may just want to work for themselves shooting (and owning) what they want.

    This blog will be a great chronicle of what we should know.

    Thank you.

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