Selina Maitreya’s free 5 Day Training


As you know I’ve worked with Selina Maitreya in the past.  She is a phenomenal talent and an all around good person who is here to help photographers succeed.  She’s now offering a free 5 day training video for free.

From her site:

You have to have a defined vision, target your markets, and you need to build 3-4 sales streams in order to develop a successful business. The sad part is that many photographers who have incredible talent barely get their business off the ground. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Learn how to get your business off the ground once and for all. In this free 5-day video series that I have created you will:

  • Understand what value is to YOUR buyers when they assign photography
  • Find out how to develop your vision
  • Discover how to target the markets for your vision
  • Learn how to effectively market to increase your visibility and create multiple sales trails.
  • Realize the importance of in person visits in today’s market.

She will show you how to build your photography business the right way.

Click here to get your free training!


4 Responses to “Selina Maitreya’s free 5 Day Training”

  1. I read the following on the web site:
    “Get instant access to the Free Video Training when you submit your first name and email address below.”

    I filled out the form twice and all I get is the same page over and over again. No training video, no e-mail message, nothing.

  2. It looks like an awesome training video.

  3. Louisemywroclaw Says:

    I can not access this video, could u send put this link again?
    Thanks a lot,

  4. Jenny Says:

    link is no good?

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